October 24:

Finding Balance

Feeling as if your body and your life are in good balance is an important aspect of wellness. And it’s a state of being that is not present for everyone.

The Tuesday, October 24th, meeting of the Behavioral Health Alliance of Grundy County will feature two presenters examining “balance” in different ways.

Dan Martin, New Lenox’s Safe Community Coordinator, will discuss an evidence-based educational program that his community uses to help keep residents in a higher state of physical balance that reduces falls and injury.

“A Matter of Balance” targets people 60 and over to teach them strategies to boost balance, strength and confidence in an 8-week program offered free to New Lenox residents. The program is made possible by a partnership between the New Lenox Safe Communities Coalition and New Lenox VFW Post 9545 and Ladies Auxiliary.

Fear of falling can be just as dangerous as falling itself. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in severe physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. Many older adults also experience increased isolation and depression when they limit their interactions with family and friends. A Matter of Balance can help people improve their quality of life and remain independent.

Fear is also an ingredient in another kind of imbalance caused by a psychological disorder: Hoarding. People who have this disorder experience great difficulty and distress in discarding possessions, regardless of their value, and this often creates messy and potentially dangerous living conditions for them.

Melissa Wasko, mental health therapist at the Grundy County Health Department will focus on difficulties with the “executive” brain functioning in people who hoard.  This will help to expand our understanding of what contributes to hoarding behaviors.  Melissa will also explain how this is addressed with clients in their treatment, particularly with the senior population.

Join the BHA at the October 24th meeting to learn more. The 3 p.m. meeting will be held at the Canalport Conference Room, 518 W. Illinois Ave., Morris. For more information, email bhagrundy@gmail.com

Download our October 2017 BHA Meeting Flyer for more information about the meeting.


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