Grundy County Faces Many Challenges in Behavioral Health

Like many other communities, Grundy County struggles to offer services that prevent and treat mental illness and substance use disorders for the 50,000-plus people who live here. Here are just a few examples of the challenges in the area of behavioral health:

  • There are no inpatient beds for mental illness or substance abuse disorders within the county for adults, children, or adolescents
  • Psychiatric and other mental health services are limited, difficult to access and hard for many people to afford
  • Grundy County has high rates of tobacco use and alcohol abuse among adults and adolescents compared to the state averages
  • Opioid addiction is a serious problem in the area
  • Among the county’s 10th graders, 33% reported feeling so sad or helpless that they stopped doing usual activities; Among adults, 21.4% described their mental health as “not good” from 1-7 days during the past month
  • More prevention and early intervention programs are needed to foster behavioral health and wellness

Sources: 2019 Morris Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2014 IDPH IL Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and 2016 Illinois Youth Survey

Our Story

The Behavioral Health Alliance of Grundy County had its beginnings in 2009 when a group of people came together with a determination to do something to address the shortage of behavioral health resources in the county. At first, the goal of the group (then called the Behavioral Health Planning Team) was to obtain a mental health grant for children. Ultimately, the county was a finalist for the grant, but did not receive funding. However, in working toward the grant, the members of the team discovered the power of working and learning together. The BHA was formed with the goals of helping organize the community to provide education and training in behavioral health, to collaborate on projects needed by the county, and to advocate for change that brings needed services and improves community wellness.

Our Commitment to Inclusiveness and Collaboration

As an organization seeking to serve diverse populations experiencing social and behavioral health issues, we believe in celebrating the diversity of all people, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or any other perceived barrier drawn between individuals and groups.  We are strengthened by addressing issues relevant to all community residents and service organizations and by honoring our different experiences and points of view.


President: Angela Solis, Director of Crossroads Counseling

Vice-President: Susan Hudson, NAMI of Will-Grundy

Secretary: Anita Young, Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community

Treasurer: Devan Gagliardo, Community Foundation of Grundy County

Member at Large: Sue Szumski, Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers

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